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free party : a folk history (retrospective) bristol

I was commissioned to create a series of work for this exhibition in Bristol which is connected to the ‘Free Party : A Folk History’ film, scheduled for release in 2023. I also had one of my exhibition pieces chosen for a billboard and shown outside the venue.


Ed Twist on Instagram: @EdTwist_

Ed Twist on Instagram : @EdTwist_


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>  Instagram.com/edtwist_  <

‘all the bleeps’ box set album artwork

Quadruple vinyl box set from Fun in the Murky celebrating 500 episodes of Bleep Radio.

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‘onwards and upwards’ – Graphix Clash exhibition (Berlin)






Global Jackerz – 12″ record sleeve artwork

‘Global Jackerz’ artwork for GroundZeroTeknoCamp.

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A Clockrate Orange – Analog Records (USA)

Paul Birken’s ‘ A Clockrate Orange’

Analog Records 50th release

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Fun in the Murky ( Bleep Radio, Canada )

Fun in the Murky logo

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Blackmass Plastics – Ugly Funk Records (UK)

Blackmass Plastics 'Under the Radar' 2X12"Blackmass Plastics 'Under the Radar'

Blackmass Plastics ‘Under the Radar’ artwork for a 2 X vinyl release for Ugly Funk.

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pb_t_close_up_1080_1080 to 666 frm BC to WP

A new Paul Birken logo.

More creative collaborations coming soon.

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ugly funk record label artwork

UFU006-toby-S4V 700UFU006-hanno-S4V 700UFU008-A-UGLYFUNK-FINAL-W 700


Some examples of my Ugly Funk record label artwork  – UFU 006 and UFU 008.

Vinyl available from UglyFunk Bandcamp page:


UglyFunk website :

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