edtwist portfolio – grant barber

animation for GRUFF Records


Created with Elkha, commisioned by Gruff Records.

This video features music by Blackmass Plastics and The Gruffians. All four tracks are mega-mixed by DJ Jerome Hill.

Animation inspired by the urban landscape of Hackney Wick. Weekend long illegal raves in derelict warehouses were commonplace. Tumbleweed rolled through dead industrial side streets. Hidden pirate sound systems ruled.

These free parties embodied the true spirit of the temporary autonomous zone. Hackney Wick and the surrounding Marshes felt like it was located the very end of London. In more ways than one.

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Eyejack & Elkha – animation remix


Ed Twist and Elkha ‘Animation Remix’ : Bringing together numerous solo projects and work we created together for music videos, festivals, clubs and live music events. This ‘animation remix’ video is edited to ‘Some Young People’ by Jon’s Robot. » view animation »

Lou Cowell – Just Like Me


Commissioned by Akashic Records.

based on the 1970s cartoon classic Mr.Benn.  » view animation »

Automaton – ODDSCENE & Ed Twist

Live in-the-mix visuals created for the first Bloc Weekend Festival using original animations with some video cut ups and edited to the sound of ‘Automaton’ by Elkha.

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Music video for ‘Knucklescraper’ by Cut Out released on Ugly Funk Records.


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Live footage of Oddscene and Eyejack at the 2008 Bloc Festival projected across four screens whilst Joey Beltram and Subhead played.
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