edtwist portfolio – grant barber

Hackney Rave Animation by Ed Twist and Elkha

Animation inspired by the Hackney Wick area of East London at a time when tumbleweed rolled through dead industrial side streets and hidden pirate sound systems ruled.

Created by Ed Twist & Helga Signes (Elkha) for Gruff Records. All four tracks from the release are ‘mega-mixed’ by Jerome Hill for the animation soundtrack.

Apocalyp Tek animation

Animation inspired by Sound System Adventures and Teknivals on disused army bases at the turn of the millennium.

Video created for ‘Knucklescraper’ by Cut Out on Ugly Funk Records (UFU 004). Released on the Cut Out and Crystal Distortion EP (2004).

Ed Twist & Oddscene LiVE visuals Bloc weekend

animated ident – 10 second video intro for Paul Birken

Animated ident – 10 second intro for Paul Birken  [aka Tonewrecker] to use on his techno promo videos. This video (put together by Paul Birken) also includes graphics for the Fun in the Murky record label also created by me.

animation remix – Ed Twist & Elkha

Ed Twist and Elkha ‘Animation Remix’ :

Bringing together numerous solo projects and work created together for music videos, festivals, clubs and live in-the-mix recordings and edited to the sound of ‘Some Young People’ by Jon’s Robot.