edtwist portfolio – grant barber

CLOCKHEAD Mural – The GreenHouse [ London, E9]


5 metre tall mural forThe Greenhouse.

‘A new creative workspace’ in the heart Hackney.



Save The Bees [Berlin]

2000-03-01 22.40.35 700 seven hundred high

Save the Bees

‘Criminal Justice Act 1994’ Spray Paint/Acrylic

criminal justice act 1994 edtwist

This design (‘Criminal Justice Act 1994′) wipes the smiley from the face of acid house and responds to the draconian legislation which set out to destroy free party culture.
Created for ‘Sound System Culture’, an exhibition held in a reclaimed police station in Bristol.



The Owl is not what it seems


Owl with spanner legs welded to a pole. Constructed from rusting steel found some industrial wasteland in Australia. I welded the owl in a position to keep an eye on the place and never returned to see the owl again.




Big A, Little A, Mister M Man/ Beedy Eye/ Acid Mouse/ Gutterpunk/ Dead Happy Shopper/




skullface cutout subland berlin

Created for Bassline Circus,  Camden’s ‘The Round House’ (London), Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona (CCCB) and Subland Berlin.


Temporary Autonomous Dolls House

A collection of characters which were made for the Random Artists Dolls House.

Originally created for The National Gallery of Prague, this installation was taken on a tour of European Temporary Autonomous Art events.

Temporary Autonomous Art, London

In keeping with the random nature of Temporary Autonomous Art events, I arrived undecided on my contribution to the venue. Wall space and time was rapidly depleting when I spotted an old clock in the corner…


We Are On TV

With omnipresent marker pen in pocket and Evil Edna on my mind I could never resist the abundance of old fashioned Televisions that once upon a time littered the streets of London.

A photograph of the three TVs is included in Savage Messiah ‘a psychogeographic drift through a ruined city’ by Laura Oldfield-Ford, published by Verso books (2011).