edtwist portfolio – grant barber

Eco Apocalypse – Bee and Skull flower

‘Eco Apocalype’ Bee and Skull Flower (Berlin 2012)

‘Clockhead’ Commission (The Greenhouse, London E8)











Subland (Berlin) basement art installation

Ed Twist prints

crow 1080 1080 c a 700 Print snake 1080 1080 700 DOUG LISTENING VECTOR THIS


Limited edition signed screen prints available from:

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Temporary Autonomous Art, London














In step with the spontaneous creative nature of Temporary Autonomous Art events, I arrived at the venue without a plan of action, still undecided on exactly what it is I would create.

Wall space and time was rapidly depleting, and an hour or so to go before the doors would open, when I spotted an an old clock in the corner belonging to the factory’s previous life form.

This was the result.


The Owl is not what it seems



Made from scrap metal with spanners for legs and welded to the top of a pole – The Owl is constructed from rusting steel found on the site of a former scrapyard and welded in to position to keep an eye out at night when I was living on the site. This photograph captures the very last time I saw him, as I left shortly after taking this shot and unfortunately never returned to see the owl again.