edtwist portfolio – grant barber

free party : a folk history (retrospective) bristol

I was commissioned to create a series of work for this exhibition in Bristol which is connected to the ‘Free Party : A Folk History’ film, scheduled for release in 2023. I also had one of my exhibition pieces chosen for a billboard and shown outside the venue.


‘onwards and upwards’ – Graphix Clash exhibition (Berlin)






Temporary Autonomous Art london

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bass culture: a sound system way of life

criminal justice act 1994 edtwist



















An exhibition celebrating sound system culture held in a reclaimed police station in Bristol.

The piece I created for this exhibition wipes the smiley from the face of an acid house icon. It responds to the law that set out to destroy rave culture in 1994.

Created for an exhibition in a reclaimed police station in Bristol. Sold*

Thanks to Desert Storm sound system.


Dance & Disobedience, London

2000-02-24 11.41.23 skateboard 660skateboarder for Dance & Disobedienceskateboard sance disobedience web site used

For this Dance & Disobedience exhibition I created some paintings in support of the LLSB [Long Live South Bank] campaign to save London’s legendary South Bank skate spot and help raise awareness about the council’s shady plan to bulldoze and replace the world famous skate spot with even more shops. 

The LLSB was a huge success. Visit their website to read all about it. And here is a good overall article in Vice as well.

Silence is a lie, berlin



urban art exhibition Berlin

One of my paints has been selected to be part of the Silence is a Lie exhibition in Berlin.

“explore the most sought after exhibition that captures top names in the global urban art scene “
Berlin Art Parasites Magazine ]

drap art – Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona

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Work exhibited at the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB).

Ed Twist art + animation – the RECORDS BAR, NORTH LONDON

DSC_0507-crop-stokie-rah-700-S4WDSC_0561-stokie-crop-rah-S4WDSC_0471 700 h upfrm 683

Photographs from the exhibition closing night with music from Bad Girlz AKA Ixindamix and Sim Simmer from the Spiral Tribe core.

experimental film night in Xabia (southern Spain)

This is a flyer for an experimental film night organised by Oddscene and held on a beach in Xabia, where some of my animations were shown.

Sarah Kir and Eyejack AKA Ed Twist – Foundry, EC 1


crowd @ The Foundrycrowd @ The Foundrycrowd, dancing @ The Foundrycrowd @ The Foundrycrowd @ The Foundryexhib-flyer-arial- 700