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Fun in the Murky design

Screen shot Trev Murky BW circle

Fun in the Murky design for Bleep Radio AKA Trevor Wilkes in Canada.

A total legend – Loves it, lives it and holds it down with his weekly radio show on Youtube. Yes yes.



Blackmass Plastics Ugly Funk label artwork

Blackmass PLastics 'Under the Radar' 2X12" Blackmass Plastics 'Under the Radar' 2X12"Blackmass Plastics 'Under the Radar'


Artwork for Blackmass Plastics release on Ugly Funk Records.

[ includes 12 X 12″ art insert ]

www.ugly funk.com



pb_t_close_up_1080_1080 to 666 frm BC to WP

A new Paul Birken logo.

More creative collaborations coming soon.




End of The World Party Illustrations

blackclockheadhackney wickhomertondon't panicmonkeyteknoBan Bee Killing Pesticides

record label artwork

UFU006-toby-S4V 700UFU006-hanno-S4V 700UFU008-A-UGLYFUNK-FINAL-W 700UFU 008 700H ED TWIST WEB SITEUFU-009-A-wUFU 009 AAAA

Ugly Funk record label artwork by Ed Twist:

Tobias Schmidt and Hanno Hinkelbein (Ugly Funk 006), Luke’s Anger ‘Rust Storm’ (Ugly Funk 008), Blackmass Plastics (Ugly Funk 009)

foundry flyers

grantflyer- 700 V exhib-flyer-arial- 700foundry-08-NEWNEW-700-V foundry-flyer-700-V

A2 Magazine, Czech Republic

Illustration accompanying an article about the history of squatting for the Czech publication A2 magazine.

The image depicts a familiar child-like drawing showing police with riot shields and truncheons intimidating a young family who are living in a boarded-up house. Attached to a fridge with magnetic letters from the Early Learning Centre.

The article described the story of soldiers arriving home after the Second World War who, with anywhere to live, claimed abandoned houses for shelter.

This instigated the movement and social necessity we now know as ‘squatting’.