edtwist portfolio – grant barber

BLEEP 500 album artwork

Quadruple vinyl box set from Fun in the Murky.

Bleep 500 ‘All the Bleeps’


‘onwards and upwards’ – Graphix Clash exhibition










Global Jackerz – 12″ record sleeve artwork

‘Global Jackerz’ record sleeve artwork (Ground Zero, Germany).

A Clockrate Orange – Analog Records (USA)

Paul Birken’s ‘ A Clockrate Orange’

> Analog Records <



Vampire Investors

Illustration published in Midwest Whippersnappers (USA). Words by Paul Birken.

Hoofer Sweets – Midwest Whippersnappers

‘Hoofer Sweets’ published in Midwest Whippersnappers (USA).


Fun in the Murky – Canada

Fun in the Murky logo for Bleep Radio in Canada.



Blackmass Plastics Ugly Funk label artwork

Blackmass PLastics 'Under the Radar' 2X12" Blackmass Plastics 'Under the Radar' 2X12"Blackmass Plastics 'Under the Radar'


Artwork for Blackmass Plastics release on Ugly Funk Records.

[ includes 12 X 12″ art insert ]

www.ugly funk.com



pb_t_close_up_1080_1080 to 666 frm BC to WP

A new Paul Birken logo.

More creative collaborations coming soon.


End of The World Party Illustrations

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