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Fun in the MURKY



available in black and white


Temporary Autonomous Art london

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TAA 2018 announced! Some photos of my work at other Temporary Autonomous Art events.


new online shop

I have now moved my EYEJACK Big Cartel shop. Original artwork, t-shirts and prints are now available from  > > www.edtwist.bigcartel.com



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A new Paul Birken logo.

More creative collaborations coming soon.




The Owl is not what it seems







Made from scrap metal with spanners for legs and welded to the top of a pole, this owl is constructed from rusting steel found on wasteland and welded in to position to keep an eye out at night when I was living on the site. This photograph captures the very last time I saw him. I left shortly after taking this shot and sadly never returned to see the owl again.



Dance & Disobedience, London

2000-02-24 11.41.23 skateboard 660skateboarder for Dance & Disobedienceskateboard sance disobedience web site used

Skateboarding paintings supporting the  SOS campaign to save London’s legendary Southbank skate spot that raisied awareness about the council’s shady plan to bulldoze the banks and replace the world famous skate spot with yet more shops.  Read the rest of this entry »

new painting in Berlin urban art exhibition



street art appears in Savage Messiah (Verso Books)

A photograph of these Three TVs published in Savage Messiah (Verso)

A psychogeographic drift through a ruined city’… I came across these TVs on a street corner in Stoke Newington and added my touch to them. Laura Oldfield-Ford found them sometime later and took a photograph for her excellent zine Savage Messiah.
A photograph of these can also be found in her book Savage Messiah ‘a psychogeographic drift through a ruined city’ published by Verso Books.



drap art – Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona

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Work exhibited at the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB).

Hackney Rave Animation picked up by NME.com

‘Hackney Rave animation’ picked up by NME.com

Watch it on the NME website.